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Tapped in 2020

Allison Imre

it all started here

Beer lover and respecter since 21 (not a day sooner) experienced in ales, porters, stouts, doppelbocks, Trappists, hefeweizens and more from around the globe. IPA? Not a fan. 


Eric Buchanan

Brewer & Artist

Globetrotting creative wandering the map in search of the best libations. A wee heavy in Edinburgh, a lager in Bangkok, a pale ale in Lima, yes please!


John Butzko

Brewer & Writer

Copy-wrangling hop-hunter who’s just happy to be here. I’ll bring the words, you bring the beer.


Robert Holzler

Brewer & Web Guy

Code crunching digital wizard who knows exactly where to get good pizza, wings and beer. Brew, cook, consume, repeat.

family, friends & beer

All the talk

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– John Brews

craft beer brewing, Florida Style

Sip the best suds in the Sunshine State! We connect you with the best beer bars, events, breweries and tap houses to experience all the crafty golden goodness our region has to offer.


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tapped in 2020